How many times does Marketing get to touch a customer? For embedded products, typically it is only every few years. When a customers product breaks, the customer goes to the brands website and looks for a new one.

But think about the opportunity that marketing is missing: as an example, customers use their coffee pots every day.

They spend a couple of minutes every day waiting for it to brew, maybe more than once. Why not show them some content, An instructional video, how to foam a latte, how to make art with the foam,… Or an advertisement? Marketing just introduced hazelnut espresso…

New, powerful, low-cost processors like theCortex-M4 from ARM are bringing sufficient power to make this possible. By adding a touch screen, customers can not only navigate content to find something of interest, they can place orders! Want to try hazelnut? Need a new filter? Just hit the button…

The system leverages Motomic’s media player and browser. Content is served to the device from Motomic’s content server. Content can be designed with Motomic’s drag-and-drop page designer. Uploads and downloads can be managed by Motomic’s SI eXtended (SIX).
Motomic is leveraging ARM Cortex processors to turn each embedded product into its own individual kiosk. Point-of-use becomes point-of-sale. Marketing can touch each customer every day, maybe more than once every day. The result is more convenience for the customer and additional revenue opportunities for the company.
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