For the first time, a robust, commercial development environment for Freescale’s Kinetis “K” Series microcontrollers and MQXtm RTOS. Motomic brings Qttm to Kinetis and MQX.Screenshot of Sample Qt Application on MQX on Kinetis

MQX lets you operate with significantly lower power consumption than Linux. You can control real-time events. By adding Qt to MQX, you can:

  • develop Qt-based applications for MQX,
  • begin with the latest prebuilt, prevalidated, preintegrated version of Qt,
  • deploy Qt applications to your embedded devices automatically,
  • leverage hardware optimizations and
  • future-proof your hardware platforms.

Motomic also lets you add media to MQX, for example advertisements or instruction videos. You can add social networking, games and browser functionality to your applications and products. Motomic helps you distribute your Qt application across networks.

Adding Qt to MQX can save months of development from a single code base you can deploy across multiple hardware architectures, each with their own price, features and performance. Your products will reach market much sooner and your code base will be much more manageable. And if you require a new architecture, you can just replatform your application and deploy your product.

In short, Motomic turns your into a solution factory. Typical customers cut the time to market from quarters to weeks or even days, improving performance and reducing programming and project risk.

Click here to download the data sheet: pdf button Qt for MQX Data Sheet (191.21 kB)

For more information, contact Motomic.

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