Motomic brings Nokia’s Qt development environment to Freescale’s ColdFire(R).  For the first time, a robust, commercial development framework for ColdFire. Qt for ColdFire increases developer efficiency, optimizes performance and provides configurable, immediately deployable results. You can:

  • develop Qt-based applications for ColdFire
  • begin with the latest prebuilt, prevalidated, preintegrated Qt version, ready for your first deployment on one or more hardware platforms?you do not need to build Qt
  • future-proof your hardware platforms,
  • with a roadmap to distribute your solutions (requires upgrade to SI eXtended).

Qt for MQX can save months of development?from a single code base you can deploy across multiple hardware architectures, each with their own price, features and performance. Your products will reach market much sooner and your code base will be much more manageable. And if you require a new architecture, you can just replatform your application and deploy your product.

For more information on Qt for MQX, contact Motomic.

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