Motomic introduces powerful new tools for Freescale’s MQXtm?Real-Time Operating System (RTOS):

  • The first?browser for MQX. ?Motomic’s
    'Microbrowser' running on real-time operating system

    HTML-CSS on Kinetis K60

    new, lightweight embedded browser brings brings browsing to MQX. ?Browse content from standard Web servers. ?It renders HTML and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) pages and adds active graphics, transparent media overlays and other features.?More here.

  • The first media player for MQX. ?Motomic’s new Media Grid brings media including video to MQX. ?More here.
  • Nokia’s?Qttm?for MQX.?

    The first robust, commercial development framework for Freescale MQXtm?RTOS. ?Motomic brings Nokia’s Qt development environment to Freescale’s MQX operating system.?

    MQX lets you operate with significantly power consumption than Linux. ?Boot times are faster. ?You can control real-time events.??More here.?

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