The first bootloader for Freescale MQXtm Real-Time Operating System. Motomic’s new MQX Bootloader loads and boots applications that are too large to boot with available Flash memory on Kinetis and other processors running Freescale MQX.  MQX Bootloader is designed to work with low-power, small-footprint processors such as Kinetis and other MQX processors. It allows Kinetis microcontrollers to run Qt applications. Processors as small as ARM Cortex-M4 can now run Qt and other large applications previously reserved for higher-end processors.

MQX Bootloader features include:
  • Loads and boots applications too large to boot in available Flash memory.
  • Recognizes application updates and loads automatically, eliminating the need to flash updates.
  • Shows percent completion while loading large applications.
Contact Motomic for more information on related products and the latest list of supported hardware architectures:
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