One of Motomic’s two new browsers for Freescale Kinetis processors and MQXtm?Real-Time Operating System (RTOS). Motomic’s?new, lightweight embedded Butterflytm?Minibrowser renders HTML and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) pages and extends HTML/CSS with active graphics, transparent media overlays and other features.

The Butterfly Browser brings browsing of controlled content to MQX processors with low?power requirements and small footprints–too small to run a web browser (WebKit, Chrome, Mozilla, etc.) ?They can now accurately render HTML/CSS content previously reserved for higher-end processors.

The Butterfly minibrowser was designed to run on MQX and is based on Motomic’s HTML/CSS rendering engine. ?Benefits include:

  • Maintain your content on a central database?instead of synchronizing distributed databases.
  • Lightning fast performance.
  • Runs on Kinetis, ColdFire and Power Architecture.
  • Extensible.
  • Runs across Linux and MQX.

Plus…?all the features of Motomic’s HTML/CSS for MQXtm?rendering engine, including:

  • Lightning fast Web browsing?of HTML 4/CSS 2.1 web pages.
  • Extensible.
  • Dynamic HTML.
  • Embed/instance?within C, C++ or Qt applications.

Plus active graphics, pipeline processing for improved image quality, leveraging multi-core processing, transparency and differeence rendering for higher performance, lower power consumption and reduced bandwidth requirements.? (See the HTML/CSS for Embedded data sheet for more details.)

The Butterfly Browser is available as a stand-alone application or as a separate product with an SDK allowing C, C++ or Qt interfaces that may be directly embedded in a customer application. ?It is available under MQX and Linux on Power Architecture and ColdFire processors, and soon on Kinetis and i.MX processors.?

Click here to download the data sheet: ?iconButterfly Minibrowser for MQX PDS.

Contact Motomic?for the latest list of supported hardware architectures and operating systems.?

In addition to the Butterfly minibrowser, Motomic also offers another MQX browser,?microButterflytm. ?The microButterfly Microbrowser is an MQX “microbrowser” for even smalller MQX processors that are too small to run the Butterfly minibrowser.?

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