Managing All the Touchpoints… Except the Most Important?

Touchpoints are the various ways that products, services, and brands interact with (or “touch”) customers. There are many touchpoints, including a companys website, call center, social media, events, and many more. Some lists of touchpoints run to dozens or even hundreds.

One touchpoint that is creating new opportunities for deeper customer relationships is in the intelligent, connected device–the product itself. For example, the customers of a coffee maker may go to the manufacturers website only once every few years, when the old pot breaks. Yet, they use the coffee maker every day. There can be a thousand interactions with the coffee maker while waiting for the one or two visits to the website.

With an intelligent, connected device and the right user experience software, interactions with the product can be automatically tied not only with customers and their experiences, but also with the context of their actions, their intention, even their social interactions. The information from a product touchpoint can give great richness about interactions with the product in everyday usage that is not available from interactions with other touchpoints.

Integrating information from usage at the product touchpoint adds… read more…

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