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The Internet of Things, a Triad of Partners, and the Singularity of Change

Posted April 2012

Icon of the ARM Connected Community blogOnce upon a time a man named Tim Berners-Lee invented the World-Wide Web. Actually, what he suggested was the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Just 22 years ago, he established the first link between a computer and a server via http. If you read the proposal, I think you’ll agree that perhaps he had only the vaguest clue what the Web would become, since “addition of graphics would be an optional extra”. Without the Web, the internet would be just a network. Without the internet, there would be no Web.

Based on his brilliant concept and the enabling technology of the Internet, the world passed through a kind of singularity. It was a technical singularity that so remade the world that it almost wiped out memory of what life was like beforehand. A colleague regales his 18-year-old twins with “When I was your age…” stories of pre-Web society and they—in all honesty—admit that they cannot conceive of day-to-day living without ubiquitous access to information at any time, and at any place. The change is that fundamental.

The times they are a changin’ – again. There’s another singularity coming. The Internet of Things will enable it.

Defining the Internet of Things

All of the “stuff” around us is becoming connected. What kind of stuff? Big things for sure: the major infrastructure in your home like the HVAC, media systems, and appliances. But it’s the little things: light bulbs, the food in your fridge, your toothbrush, the street light outside your door, your pet, even your running shoes, which will make up the Internet of Things.

We have passed the point where the number of connected devices exceeds the population of the planetread more

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