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Overview of Media Grid capabilities

Media Grid is designed to play media with optimized performance on low-power, small-footprint processors such as Kinetis and other MQX processors  It will run on processors that are too small to run media players such as VLC.  Processors as small as ARM Cortex-M4 can now accurately display media content previously reserved for higher-end processors.

Motomic showed Media Grid at Design West (formerly the Embedded Systems Conference, San Jose, March 26-28, 2012).  Click here to watch ARM’s interview of Motomic at the conference.

Media Grid features include:

  • Display images, logos and videos
  • Configure from full screen to grids up to 10×10
  • Rotate content
  • Configure to optimize performance
  • Display at resolutions up to HD
  • Update over a network.

Media Grid is available as a standalone application.  An SDK version is available as a separate product, with C, C++ or Qt interfaces that may be directly embedded in a customer application. 

Download the data sheet here:  Media Grid

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