The first content server for embedded devices.  Butterfly Content ServerTM Standard Edition has a command line interface.  Content Server Premium Edition has additional features including:

  • Serves directories and folders as well as files to endpoints
  • Pulls directories, folders and files from endpoints
  • Plus all the features of the Standard Edition.

Content Server was designed to work together with the Butterfly Microbrowser. The browser leverages the very low power requirements and very small footprints of Kinetis processors–too small to run a web browser (WebKit, Chrome, Mozilla, etc.)  The K60 can now accurately render HTML/CSS content previously reserved for higher-end processors.

Content Server Standard Edition is available as a standalone application with a command line interface.  A free evaluation version is available.  Click here to download the data sheet:  iconContent Server PDS.

For more information contact Motomic at:

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