Auto Dealer’s Dilemma

Auto buyers are spending increasing amounts of time on-line, consulting an increasing number of sources and arriving at dealers with greater knowledge and preparation.  More and more buyers are choosing which dealer to visit based on their online search.  In addition, a growing number of prospective buyers are a younger, online-aware generation who are largely not interested in the traditional personal interaction by which prices are mutually agreed. 
These factors are combining to create a huge gap between the buyer’s on-line search experience and the on-lot experience that they will have once they reach a dealer’s lot.  There is a great need for an intermediate step between searching and buying.  What is needed is a completely new touchpoint in the buying process.

Bridging the Auto Buying Experience

keyStickers sit at the intersection of that gap, on the dealers lot at the vehicles themselves. keyStickers are digital window stickers

Overview diagram of the Digital Window Sticker

that create additional touchpoints to extend the buyers search interactions. They bridge from the buyer’s on-line searching experience to an intermediate “finding” experience on the dealer lot. keyStickers bridge that gap in the buying experience by opening up an early electronic conversation with the dealer’s sales processes.

Currently a prospective buyer can:

  • Visit the dealership after hours and not be able locate/inspect that or a similar car.
  • Have difficulty evaluating prices on cars without leaving the lot, returning home and going back on-line to check pricing for models or options that they had not previously searched.
  • Find that the window sticker price is far higher than the online price.
  • Have difficulty evaluating other cars at the dealership without a salesperson. This is hugely important, because as few as 10% of dealership visitors actually buy the car that they originally came to view. As many as 90% buy a different car.
  • Experience trust issues, especially upon attempts to shift them away from their original expectations.

keySticker Technology

The keySticker introduces a bridge experience for the prospective buyer. The same buyers having the problems above will have a different experience when they arrive at a dealership with keyStickers. keyStickers enable buyers to:

  • Access their online research through technology on the car window.
  • Directly compare on-line search results with window sticker data.
  • Review information about other cars on the dealer’s lot via the car window sticker display.
  • Visit the dealership after hours, validate that the car meets their expectations and even schedule a test drive while standing at the car.
  • Leave contact information for dealer staff to call or email.
  • Chat online and perhaps even close a transaction subject to credit approval and signing.
  • keySticker Technology
  • The keySticker is designed to improve the buyer’s experience at the dealer’s lot by bridging the increasing gulf between the rational, on-line, searching experience and the emotional, on-lot, buying experience.
  • View previous search results on the car window,
  • Search the characteristics of other cars in the dealer’s inventory,
  • Schedule a test drive,
  • See instant offers from the dealer,
  • Optional online chat and
  • Other functionality.
For more information on keyStickers, and other ways to turn products into touchpoints, contact Motomic.
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