For the first time, browse and render networked content on devices running a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS). Motomic introduces two lightweight, embedded browsers that bring browsing to small-footprint processors and RTOSs. Both browsers render HTML and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) pages on RTOS processors. Both extend HTML/CSS with active graphics, transparent media overlays and other features.

Motomic’s Butterfly Microbrowsertm is made for very tiny processors, as small as ARM Cortex-M4. Motomic’s Butterfly Minibrowsertm is made for somewhat larger processors that don’t have such severe memory limitations. Examples include Freescale’s Kinetis, ColdFire, Power Architecture and the smaller i.MX series processors.

Both browsers enable developers to render HTML/CSS on systems that can’t easily support a full-featured web browser such as WebKit, Chrome, Safari, etc. Both were designed specifically to support small, embedded devices. They greatly reduce the RAM and processing requirements placed on RTOS systems and accurately render HTML/CSS pages. For a comparison of the two browsers, click here.

You can embed browser functionality in your own applications using Motomic’s browser SDKs. They bring browsing to processors with veryPipeline Processing in the Embedded Browser low power requirements and very small footprints. Within your own applications you can now accurately render HTML/CSS content previously reserved for higher-end processors.

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