Comparison of WebKit and the two embedded browsers, the Butterfly “minibrowser” and the microButterfly “microbrowser”:

 Browser Comparison
  WebKit Browser Butterflytm “Minibrowser” µButterflytm “Microbrowser”
Designed for  the entire Web controlled content controlled content
Advantages feature-rich but takes a lot of memory and power lightweight, low memory and power requirements extremely lightweight, very low memory and power requirements
Memory ~16Mb currently 6+Mb, possibly reduce to 2+Mb as little as 109Kb
Operating Systems Linux MQX, Linux MQX
Image Formats many many limited (JPEG, BMP)*
Fonts TrueType TrueType pre-rendered
SVG yes yes no*
Dynamic JavaScript active graphics active graphics
Based on Qt Qt Motomic HTML/CSS rendering engine
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