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ARM Holdings is at the heart of the development of digital electronic products.?The leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide use ARM technology in a wide variety of applications, ranging from mobile handsets and digital set top boxes to car braking systems and network routers.

ARM technology is used in more than 95% of mobile handsets, and over one-quarter of all electronic devices. The leading global semiconductor and systems companies use ARM IP in designs and tools to create, optimize and manufacture system-on-chip designs. Over 15 billion ARM-based chips have shipped to date.

ARM is making possible a wave of billions and billions of connected devices. Motomic is opening software development for this Internet-of-Things to developers who have previously been outside the world of embedded development.

To provide a face to the IoT, Motomic has created groundbreaking embedded browsers running on ARM processors running real-time operating systems (RTOS). Any of the millions of HTML designers in the creative community can now create dynamic user interfaces and content for the IoT just by writing HTML.

Motomic’s microButterfly microbrowser and Butterfly minibrowser run on embedded devices with ARM processors with very small memory and processing footprints, yet bring the same rich interfaces to embedded devices that we experience every day. ARM processors as small as the Cortex-M4 can now have rich human interfaces created entirely in HTML. Click here for ARM’s interview with Motomic at Design West, formerly the Embedded Systems Conference (March 26-28, 2012).

Motomic also opens ARM embedded devices to Qt developers. By porting Qt to new RTOSs, Motomic opens up new ARM processor families and architectures to compelling software created by developers leveraging Qt and frameworks.

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